Here comes my life!

I have had a job since I was 18 years old and saving for my graduation trip to Europe. Thirteen years later I have found myself staying at home – by choice! Three months ago my then boyfriend (now fiance!) was offered a promotion that we just couldn’t pass up. The promotion required that we move to the Seattle area with only a few weeks notice. It was chaos but so much fun. In the process I had to give up my job. I had only been working at that office for a few months and felt bad abandoning ship but it had to be done.

Long story short we considered our options and with the pay increase he would be getting, we decided I wouldn’t rush to find a job, but rather take my time, get us settled, and then go from there.

It has been two months of full-time ‘domestic engineering’ and I am already bored. Oops. The real issue I have is not the occasional boredom but the feeling that I am not fully contributing to our family. Granted it is just the two of us, but I am used to working my tail off all day long and holding my own. It might sound crazy but I even feel weird spending money on groceries – because I didn’t earn that money!

This blog will be my chronicle of my efforts toward remaining useful. I hope to highlight how I spend my days for no other reason than to validate my time TO MYSELF so I can hopefully move past the feeling of inadequacy and enjoy this time off. I have many ideas and big events coming up in my life. I’m excited to share!

Happy Fall!Image

{This vignette brought to you by:

  • gourds/frame – $3 at the St Vincent de Paul store in downtown Kent, WA
  • pumpkin – $2 at Safeway
  • free printable



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