Falafel and moussaka – restaurant review

Am I a failure if I didn’t feel like cooking yesterday – the same day I started a blog about self-accountability?


I am not a chef. I barely enjoy cooking. In fact, until three months ago hubby-to-be was the chef in our relationship. He cooked, I cleaned. Now I do it all! Not only because I’m home all day and feel like I really have nothing better to do (ie it is my responsibility) but I want to. I appreciate the opportunity to take a break from the rat race and take pride in making breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday.

Yesterday I just wasn’t feeling it. I’ve been hoarding coupons from the freebie mailers so we had a decision.

Greek vs. Mediterranean.

As it was a warm and lovely evening, we decided on Spiro’s Greek Island as they have outdoor seating in quaint downtown Kent. I even threw on some makeup for the occasion! We headed down the hill after hubby-to-be got home from work and made it just before the rush hit. Isn’t it always a good sign when the restaurant fills up shortly after you arrive? It always makes me feel like my decision was a great one. Score one for me!

We started off with dolmadakia and skordalia with pita (think really garlicky pureed mashed potatoes.) Let me just say these dolmas were probably the best I’ve ever had. So creamy and mild and pleasing. A cocktail is usually in order at dinner so I went with their Valentine Sparkler – I only remember that it was rum based and pink and had a cherry in it. Our server was the owner which was awesome and when he set the fancy glass in front of me he whispered, “It’s loaded!” So good. HTB opted for water. Boring!

For dinner I went with the falafel platter sans cheese. He went with the moussaka. Both dishes were, in one word, HUGE. We barely made a dent in either. Which means: this was an amazing deal! We got dinner, lunch, and probably another dinner out of it! Although we were completely stuffed, we still went for the Baklava – our coupon made it free! And really, there is always room for dessert, right? It was so sweet and flaky. Pretty dang good.

In all it was a pleasant experience. We were glad we went. They were vegan-accommodating but my only option was falafel. I packed half of the moussaka leftovers for HTB’s lunch today. He was excited!


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