The path toward usefulness

Today I was a lazy bum. And I hated it. I just couldn’t find the motivation to get up and be useful. I struggle so much with this. I hate being lazy. As luck would have it the evening news featured a story about a local food bank and the immense need for volunteers, food, and funds. I googled ‘food bank’ and came up with a list of nearby food banks. One page lead me to which was just what I was looking for! allowed me to punch in my zip code and see an extensive list of volunteer opportunities near me. I knew I wanted to stay as close to home as possible so I refined the search by distance and found so many listings. It was really difficult narrowing that list down but finally decided on two areas that I knew I would be most helpful:

Volunteer Chore Services – Yes, this is through a Catholic Church but I’m hoping it is a separate entity. I love laundry and yard work so I think this is a good fit.


Meals on Wheels – This is through the senior center just down the hill from our house.

I am excited to get to work and make myself useful. Before we moved to Kent, I was volunteering at the Oregon Humane Society and loved it. I like to give what I can. I encourage everyone to get out in the community and help make a difference. Even if it is just an hour per month, that is a great contribution.

How to you help? Where do you volunteer?


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