Culture and community involvement

This weekend has been a ton of fun, with activities and learning. As mentioned before, Saturday was National Public Lands Day. We participated by joining a city-organized park clean up within our neighborhood. It was great because it is literally behind our house, so we walked over ten minutes before it was to start and were basically the first people there. In all I would estimate there were 50 people that came out to help. There was a Girl Scout ground, a Boy Scout group, and a Cub Scout group. There was an assortment of high school kids and random unattached adults. Even the Mayor of Kent, Suzette Cook, came out to get the party started! Until she ran through a roll call of area high schools, we had no idea there were so many! That will be good to know if we decide to have a family.

Our three hour volunteer contribution consisted of hacking away at the invasive blackberry bramble and Eastern Laurel. Hubby-to-be and I took out almost an entire Laurel tree. We were determined and I enjoyed using the saw! We were grateful to be in the “adult only” group, although we were impressed by how hard the teenagers appeared to be working.

Here is Hubby-to-be next to one of many piles of bramble he tore out.

He was a maniac!

I was happy that we participated. There is another park clean up just down the road on the 13th of October but we might be out of town so I am hesitant to sign up. I would hate to renege on my responsibility if we don’t make it back in time. So we’ll see.

In addition to National Public Lands Day it was free admission day to some museums around the country, sponsored by the Smithsonian Magazine.

So after we had lunch and cleaned up we headed over to the Museum of Flight. That place is awesome! The main hall of the museum houses so many different kinds of planes, jets, and helicopters. There are two space exploration halls complete with lunar rover, Apollo pod, and a mock ISS room. There were two cockpits open for anyone to sit in. The lines were nuts so we skipped it. Because I’m awesome, (or just seriously lucky) I’ve already had the opportunity to sit in a real live SR-71 Blackbird. I can’t recall if that was at Edwards Air Force Base or the Skunk Works hangars, but it was awesome.

Next to the main exhibition hall is the original Boeing factory in a big red barn. In it are all kinds of old tools and machinery. Upstairs in a tribute to fancy flying in the early days of commercial flights.

Heading across the street, over the glass-enclosed pedestrian bridge, is the Air Park. There were were able to see inside a Concorde and LBJ’s Air Force One. I took pictures of everything silly of course, most importantly, the president’s lavatory.  Here it is:


Also in this lot were the first Boeing 747 and 737. We wished the 747 had been open for a quick peek but HTB said he had read that it is in serious need of restoration and is really dingy. Oh well. Then I remembered I have flown in a 747 to and from Europe twice so that’s something. I can’t, however, recall if those massive planes had an upstairs. Too bad we aren’t so fancy as to be invited into the upstairs of an airplane! Maybe someday. 🙂

Sunday has turned out to be gorgeous and sunny. After an awesome weekend breakfast of apple pancakes and veggie sausages, I headed outside to continue waging war on the bramble taking over our yard while HTB watched the footballs. (Go Seahawks!) Toward the end of my yard work adventure I took a breather and looked up to find two adorable raccoon teens watching me and lazing in the breeze high in an ivy-covered tree. So cute. After we acknowledged our mutual respect and disinclination to harm one another, we went on with our respective business. IE: they curled up, noses under tails, while I ran to get HTB to come see the INSANE CUTENESS!

Happy weekend y’all!

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