Roasted kabocha squash soup and a new puppy!!!

Well, we made it home from sunny California just in time for the Seattle rain to start. Our roofing job was ……. an experience. It took 6 days, start to finish, on a 1000 sq ft house! Yikes. Poor hubby-to-be is so tired. He did most of it. I was a giant chicken and only helped a little. I’m afraid of falling! I think it is a valid fear.

We got home this morning at midnight after a 12 hour drive. HTB really wanted to get home and have two days to regroup before returning to work. It is also the Free Pet Adoption Blitz at Seattle Humane Society this weekend. We had been talking forever about getting another pup. When Lucky died in August we sort of put it on the back burner as it was just too painful. When I saw the ad for the adoption event, we agreed we should check it out.

They opened this morning at 11am for the second day of the event. We were there shortly thereafter and waited in the long line to get in to see the pups and kitties. After meeting two big dogs we brought home Dodger!

He is super sweet. Nine months old, black lab and border collie mix. So full of energy and love! He has lots to learn but has a wonderful personality and disposition. So very gentle and LOVES cuddles. Nice to have a 70lb lap dog. 🙂














Moving on to Vegan Mofo food journal – October 13, 2012

Hubby-to-be made dinner tonight! He had an idea for soup and ran with it. It is raining and dreary and cold so it is a perfect night for soup.

He made a kabocha squash soup and I made a baguette so go alongside.


1 whole kabocha squash

1 yellow onion

1 red bell pepper

2 large carrots

garlic cloves

1 box vegetable broth

sri racha

garam masala

ground ginger

olive oil


Cut the kabocha into equal parts (ours turned out to be 6). Roast in a 400 degree oven for half an hour. Remove seeds and scoop flesh away from the skin. Set aside.

Dice the onion, bell pepper, and carrots. Simmer in olive oil in a large pasta pot until the onions are carmelized. Add a few cloves of garlic.

Mix in a couple shakes of sri racha, garam masala, and ground ginger. Add squash to pot and pour in broth. Simmer for about a half hour until everything is combined. Mash or use an immersion blender to smooth some of the soup, leaving chunks to your liking. Such an easy soup but so very tasty! Try it out!


2 responses to “Roasted kabocha squash soup and a new puppy!!!

  1. I am in love with Dodger. He is beautiful! Your soup looks delicious, and you have a right to be afraid of walking on the roof. 🙂

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