Lemon basil pasta with veggies plus more about our puppy!

Vegan MoFo food journal – October 14-15, 2012

On Sunday the 14th we had leftover soup. We were still recuperating from our journeys, and watched a full day of football. Go ‘Hawks! Sorry, not very exciting.

Today was a different story. I spent all day with a very puny-feeling puppy. Poor dog has quite the cold. After a quick jaunt to the grocery store I had him help me decorate the outside of the house for Halloween. He did well, listening when I asked him to stay on the porch. When it started pouring again we came inside. He was feeling just so yucky I decided to make an appointment with a vet.

When we adopted him, the Seattle Humane Society gave us a voucher for a free exam at a participating vet office. There were two options in the City of Kent and after a quick check on Yelp and Facebook I decided on McMonigle Veterinary Hospital. I called and explained that I had a coupon and they fit me same-day!

This veterinary office is everything I look for in a doctor’s office. Long-standing practice, renovated building, friendly staff, doctors who love what they do. Dr. Clark at McMonigle was great. She clearly loves animals and took to our pup immediately. I like that she is young and has a great attitude and that the doctors in the practice span a large age range so there is plenty of experience.

Young pup came home with antibiotics and he seems to have turned a corner already! Still coughing up a lung but acting much more puppyish.

We also decided on his name: Griffey!

This was taken this afternoon on the car ride home. Dr. Clark forced his meds down his throat – she’s a hero!

Vegan MoFo food journal – October 15, 2012

Tonight, hubby-to-be treated me yet again! When he got home from work we immediately headed down to the farmers market at Carpinito Brothers. This is by far the best farm stand we’ve had access to. It is right down the hill from our house (and practically next door to our new vet!) Most of the produce is grown right here in the valley at their farm and the other produce is from local/Washington growers. In addition to ridiculously fresh produce, they have a nursery with all sorts of plants and trees and landscape materials in bulk, i.e. top soil, etc. They currently have a mountain of every gourd you can think of and some you’ve probably never heard of! It is fresh, delicious, and so tasty. We bought the kabocha squash from this stand and this evening HTB treated me to 5 huge pumpkins to decorate and carve for Halloween! At $0.30 per pound we paid next to nothing. It was awesome. I’ll post photos tomorrow of my decorating endeavors.

I was also treated to another night off from cooking! HTB put together a delicious vegan dish for me of lemon basil spaghetti with sautéed zucchini and spinach. It was so so tasty. The key to this was fresh squeezed lemon juice. Man alive was it good. See for yourself:

I will attempt to spell out the recipe but I wasn’t paying much attention. 🙂

Lemon basil pasta with zucchini and spinach

– Boil a handful of pasta. We used spaghetti. Cooked al dente of course! Drain.

– Cut two zucchinis into half moons. Saute in pan with a little olive oil.

– Cut off stems of three small bunches of baby spinach. Ours came from the farm stand so we rinsed it well.

– Juice one large lemon

– Rough chop a handful of basil leaves

– Add cooked pasta to saute pan. Add spinach to wilt. Mix in olive oil and lemon juice. Let the juice reduce for just a few minutes to bring out the sweet and lose some sour. Add salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkle a generous handful of basil onto.

– Bon appetit!


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