Halloween, glitter doves and Vegan MoFo check-in

Vegan MoFo food journal – October 16, 2012

Decorating for Halloween is one of my most favorite activities. I like the actual event of Halloween and trick-or-treaters too, but best of all is getting all the fun goodies out of storage and unwrapping them and placing them around the house. It’s like Christmas and Halloween all rolled into one! That is the main reason I don’t decorate early. I want it to be special and something to look forward to. Something to really appreciate because it won’t be around for long. So today Griffey and I pulled out the orange (color-coded!) storage tubs of Halloween decorations. Hooray!

I am especially excited this year because we finally own a house that accommodates decoration! Our house in CA was plaster so it was REALLY difficult to drill into or hammer a nail. Our house now is old fashioned wood siding. Yay! I actually used some removable stick-on hooks to hang some things. The banners are on gutter plugs and the spider webs are attached to wood, light fixture, anything! I hope there will be kids out. In CA teenagers would come to the door without costume but I couldn’t refuse candy or be faced with some horrible retaliation. Last year we moved three days prior to the big night so that wasn’t happening. Plus I was at my parents’ house in the country where trick or treating does not happen. Our neighborhood now is full of kids and plenty of houses are decorated. You can see how I am so excited. My favorite holiday and I am finally getting to participate! I am hoping my expectations aren’t getting out of hand. If just a few kids show up I will be satisfied but I am prepared for masses! I bought bags of candy months ago when they were cheap. I laugh in the face of holiday mark up!

Those are the pumpkins I mentioned yesterday. So cheap! Even that big one – 38 pounds! It was only $11. I find that to be a steal. We bought all 5 pumpkins and an array of veggies and spent about $23 total. We both had expected $60 from our previous experiences in CA. Wow what a difference. Next year I hope to grow my own and supplement as needed. We’ll see. So many projects.

Oh yea, we also had dinner tonight! A vegan masterpiece! No, not really. But it was pretty good and very hearty. At noon I threw two white sweet potatoes in the slow cooker on low after a quick scrub. Six hours later and they were steamy and creamy and perfect. No toppings necessary.

At Safeway yesterday I noticed a new addition from Morningstar Farms: Hickory BBQ Riblets. I don’t like to eat a ton of fake meat products but I thought my beau might appreciate these and I would give them a shot. They were really easy to cook. I heated the oven to 350F. The box contains 2 servings. I followed instructions on the box to put each riblet in an aluminum foil pouch and bake for 30 minutes. I took them out and let them cool, unopened, for about 20 minutes while waiting for HTB to get home from work. I must say, it was pretty good. The sauce was sweet and not too thick or heavy. The ‘meat’ itself was OK. I couldn’t finish the entire riblet as it was a good size.

In addition we had a baby greens salad with black beans and green olives. It all came together nicely and we were both stuffed with healthy! (Mostly!)

{  Craft alert!  }

After dinner I mosey into my craft closet and busted out the topper for our wedding cake. I wish I was talented at crafts. I have crafty intentions but no talent. However, I am really happy with the way this turned out:

Our colors are purple and orange. I made this with items all found at Michael’s. The base is a round block of  wood that I spray painted brown. The S is cardboard, also spray painted. I found the rest in the floral department. The glitter doves were in the Christmas decoration section. Is glitter making a comeback this year? I don’t know but I kind of like it. The pumpkins are actually some sort of flower seed pods and the purple hydrangeas are fake. Sorry the glue is still white – it will dry clear. I just put this together!  I am quite proud of myself. My aspirations don’t usually pan out this well.



2 responses to “Halloween, glitter doves and Vegan MoFo check-in

  1. So nice you can decorate now, and your pumpkin display looks great. I hope you get loads of kids! 🙂 I, too, have crafty intentions, but I don’t have the crafting gene. Your topper turned out nice.

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