I have a motto – take anything that is free!

Vegan MoFo food journal – October 18, 2012

Last night was Thursday Night Football and although our beloved Seahawks lost in a disastrous show of butterfingers….*sigh*….. we made the most of it with pizza! Hubby-to-be had a regular Hawaiian pie from Papa Murphy’s ($8 with a coupon!) I had a delightful Amy’s Kitchen roasted vegetable pizza. Try sprinkling salt on it after it is cooked. So delish!

So good. Have you tried it?

Yea, we kind of cheated but sometimes it’s ok to have something naughty! I was a good girl though and had water while HTB had beer.

Since our dinner wasn’t very exciting I thought I would talk about a very cool savings tool I have been using. You’ve probably heard of Safeway’s Just For U app. If you frequent Safeway you should definitely be using it. Basically you load your rewards card with coupon deals instead of having to cut them out and carry them around. Granted, it only applies to in-store coupons, but it sure saves a lot of time. I still cut out coupons from the newspaper. Can’t pass those up of course. The best part about Just For U is the “Personalized Deals” section. I try not to think about the creep-factor of them knowing everything I buy. Instead, they give me great deals on things I frequently buy, like produce or snacks. Once in a while there are FREEBIES too! When I first signed up, we got a free dozen eggs. Yes, I am vegan but HTB is not and he likes the occasional egg with his breakfast, burger, or pasta. This past week we got two freebies!

Kellogg’s FiberPlus® Antioxidants Bar Nutty Delights Honey Roasted Almond – free box

I have a motto – take anything that is free even if you don’t think you’ll need or want it. No matter what! It goes along with my second motto – say yes to all invitations even if it scares me to death. (That is a different blog post.)

So I picked them up on Monday when I did the shopping. The IZZE was pretty good. HTB thought they were light on flavor. I found them refreshing but too many calories to drink regularly. I liked the Nutty Delights as well. They were great to pack in HTB’s lunch bag everyday and I tried one. It was a good mid-afternoon snack and filled me up until dinner.

I have found that the new batch of deals comes out on Friday so I try to schedule shopping for Fridays. This morning I went through and added all the coupons to my card so I am ready to go. Seriously, if you haven’t checked Just For U out, you should. Shopping and saving is so much easier and I really like it. Does your grocery store have a similar program?


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