Vegan tacos with veggie slaw

Vegan MoFo food journal – October 24, 2012

This week I have made TWO outstanding dinners.

Pretty much.

And I can’t cook! I’m amazed and stuffed and sort of proud of myself. After the stew disaster I was afraid I’d fallen off track. But then came the mac and cheese (OMG it is still good three days later!) and I felt redeemed. Like I could still impress myself and my man. I still had it in me! This is a big deal for me because, as I’ve stated, I can’t cook. Also, I do not like to cook. It stressed the crazy out of me. I don’t know why but I would much rather do the dishes and have someone cook for me instead. All the timing and planning; I just can’t wrap my head around it. So when something turns out fabulous I kind of explode in giddy excitement.

While my hunt for a tortilla press continues at any and all thrift stores I see, I picked up a big stack of corn tortillas at Winco the other day with the intention of making tacos or tostadas. Yesterday I felt the calling for tacos. With my dear fiance’s approval (like I needed it) I decided on tacos and set about throwing something together. “Throwing something together” just about sums up my prevailing attitude toward cooking. Typically it works out for the better when food is thrown together in our kitchen, but then, hubby-to-be is the master of throwing things together and having a gourmet meal emerge from the resulting kitchen mess.

That being said, I had the genius idea to use a bunch of veggies we had in the fridge and make up a slaw to fill our tacos.

Everything went into my awesome new food processor:

Look at them standing at attention, all cute and innocent…..

I used 2 large stalks of celery, 3 radishes, 2 large carrots, and 2 medium zucchinis. Round and round it all went until we had this:

color = healthy

I threw in a handful of cilantro for good measure and because it is good. Is it true that many people dislike cilantro? I know my mom and BFF don’t dig it at all. I find that weird…. but then, I don’t like avocado. AT ALL. While I was shredding all the glorious colors of the rainbow in my food processor, I was heating up a package of veggie ground. It was a two-pack box but I don’t have the outer packaging anymore so I’m not sure what brand it was. I’m pretty sure it was Lightlife Smart Ground Mexican since that is what I usually buy.

heat it up and chow down

While the ground was heating up I gave it a scant shake of chili powder and a couple shakes of smoked paprika. It turned out really tasty. For the taco shells I heated up the oven to 200 F. I grabbed a stack of tortillas and microwaved them for 30 seconds to make them floppy and not breakable. I placed each tortilla over two rungs of the oven shelf and left them for about ten minutes, or until they were stiffened into a U.

Thanks again, Pinterest!

Once the shells were ready I started piling on toppings. We love green sauce over here. O salsa verde si habla Usted en Espanol. 🙂

Que rico!

I recently found this little can of salsa verde at Safeway for $0.69 each. It is surprisingly good for being so cheap! The great part is that we can use this whole teeny can in one dinner and not have leftovers wilting in the fridge. No waste! After the tacos were all topped and ready to go they were just so pretty!

nom nom nom

Hubby-to-be also had avocado, cheese, and sriracha on his. To each their own. I guess. 😉 This all took a total of 20 minutes to put together. Heat the oven, wash and chop veggies, put tortillas in the over, heat ground, process veggies while ground is heating, remove taco shells from oven, stuff with goodness, enjoy! We eat tacos fairly often and I’m not sure what made this batch so dang good but they were super delicious. The leftover went with HTB in his lunch box.


2 responses to “Vegan tacos with veggie slaw

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  2. Mm mm looks delicious! Tacos are my ultimate favorite go-to meal! 🙂

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