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Foodie PenPals – November 2012 reveal day! #FoodiePenPals

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This was my first Foodie PenPals and it was so exciting! I was eager to put together a box-o-fun for my penpal and to see what I would receive. There is so much thought put into this project, I love … Continue reading


Thanks to Maya at Feministing, I now know that today is Giving Tuesday. Maya shared her reasons for giving to abortion access groups and inspired me to talk about why I give. So here goes…

I give because I can.

And I give to NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and the National Network of Abortion Funds because access to reproductive health care is a big fucking deal and too many women are losing that access because of systems of inequality in our lives.

If this is your first time reading the blog, I feel like I should give you the quick and dirty of my background.  I’m white, middle class, cisgendered, and educated – especially when it comes to issues of access to reproductive health care. In short, I get to carry a freakin’ Prada backpack of privilege around with me wherever I go.

A few months ago, me and my knapsack o’privilege made…

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Vegan Slow Cooker – Sweet Potato and Chard Dal

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After a particularly challenging spin class, I was looking for a quick dinner to put in the slow cooker while I went grocery shopping. I had a gigantic sweet potato left over from Thanksgiving that I wanted to use. On … Continue reading


Flat Stanley is coming to visit!

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The other night a good friend of mine in California wrote to me on his daughter’s behalf, asking if I would host Flat Stanley for her. Whatever that was, the answer was yes. Then I looked it up and now … Continue reading


Q13 FOX News

Tuesday is the first day that gay couples can register to have their matrimonial ceremonies performed at city hall, beginning Dec. 9. Aaron Pickus with the mayor’s office said that more than 55 requests had been made by noon.

Anticipating demand from couples who want to tie the knot, city hall will be open on Dec. 9 from Noon- 5 p.m. Eight local judges are volunteering to perform the ceremonies and two local stage designers are creating chapels.

Couples need to register to ensure they reserve a spot — more information is available here.

Washington voters passed R-74 in the November general election; state law calls for 30 days after the vote to enact the referendum. Gov. Chris Gregoire had previously singed a bill approving same-sex marriage in February.

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Vegan Thanksgiving – Candied Yams

This is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. Now, we eat sweet potatoes on a weekly basis. They are just delectable. But once in a great while I go for the candied version because it is just plain good. Following suit … Continue reading


Vegan Thanksgiving: Green Bean Casserole

I’m not sure if I have ever actually tried the ‘traditional’ recipe for this with the canned soup and whatnot. It just never looked appetizing. This year, as host of our family gathering and resident vegan, I decided to bust … Continue reading