First friend attempt – success!

Saturday 11/3/12 – Meet Up day!

Somehow I was not petrified when I woke up. I fully expected that I would have to wrestle with myself in order to see this thing through. But I was just excited! I had two meet ups scheduled. At 930am a few ladies were meeting at the City of Kent craft fair at the Senior Center.

I showed up first and sat in the warmth of the lobby on a nice bench, awkwardly looking around and smiling at people. They probably thought I worked there. Perhaps I was an official greeter.

Hi there, crafts are right this way!

Suddenly a woman with sleek brown hair sat next to me and quietly said, “Are you with..” and I said, “Shy Gals!” We both laughed and introduced ourselves. She told me she hadn’t even RSVPd to the event but figured she would come check it out. Seems pretty gutsy to me! And I am so glad she came. One other woman, the same person who created the event on our social group calendar,  walked in shortly thereafter. We had two no-shows but it was fine. The three of us chatted for a few minutes and then set off into the craft fair.

I must say, the City of Kent knows how to put together a festive holiday craft fair. I was already in the Christmas mood, but this sent me into overdrive. The senior center was huge and decorated to the nines. We were handed cute shopping bags to hold our inevitable purchases:

So handy.

We shopped, we talked, we tasted cookies. It was a great time. The sleek haired woman had to leave early so we headed out and exchanged numbers. We spoke of getting together at the dog park near both of our houses. I am going to text her to set it up. Courage!

The second meet up was a group walk on the Soos Creek Trail. A quick check of the group site showed 10 people RSVPd for the walk. We had a total of 9 show up, which was great! We walked part of the trail and chatted. I spoke with a nice woman with two teenagers and another guy about my age. Hubby-to-be and Griffey accompanied me on this outing. HTB chatted up a couple of the guys and Griff walked in the mud and chased ducks. It was win-win-win!

I know I have to keep putting myself out there and that at times I will be met with rejection but you really never know unless you try. And I am ready to try! I am well on my way to overcoming my social anxiety and shyness. Just keep it up Lacey! 🙂 HTB is super proud of me for sticking to my plans. Heck, I’m proud of me too!


2 responses to “First friend attempt – success!

  1. Aw, thank you. It was fun!

  2. I’m so happy all of this went so well for you. I’m proud of you, too! 🙂

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