I voted – did you?

It’s Election Day and:


Whoever you are voting for, make sure of one thing: get out there and vote. We all know it is important and while the electoral college may decide our next president, we decide on our local matters. Take time and make it count, then get to that polling place as soon as possible. Remember to be thankful that we get this opportunity. We are very lucky.

In California I volunteered at a polling place near my house. It was a long and mostly boring time, but at opening, lunch-time, and after work, the place buzzed with excitement. People were so thrilled to walk into that school gym and cast their vote. They brought their kids. They brought their ailing parents. They turned in absentee ballots for others. It was great! It is definitely a right of passage and one we get to re-live every four years.

As soon as we had moved here to Washington state, I registered to vote. I didn’t even have a driver’s license yet but I was determined to get my info right away. We received our ballots in the mail. I didn’t know WA is only mail-in. Sweet! You don’t even have to take time from your day! They really make it easy for you to vote. I believe it is the same in Oregon, though we didn’t live there long enough to find out.

I actually relished sitting down at the kitchen counter and reading the voter guides cover to cover and marking my ballot. I made an afternoon of it. Once hubby-to-be had his filled out, Griffey and I walked down the hill to the post office. That was about two weeks ago. I wanted to get my votes cast early!

Whatever happens today, let’s all hope for the best for our cities, states, and country. Now, if you haven’t yet voted – GO!

*If you don’t know where your polling place is, go here.


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