I’m worth it, right?

Being pretty type-A, I stress about everything. Because of the resulting knots in my upper back, I will often treat myself to a spa day. Nothing fancy or expensive of course. Typically I will get a facial and my eyebrows done once per month.

I went to the same spa for 6 years in Oakland. It is called La Princesse Salon and Spa in Alameda. I loved La Princesse because it was one-stop shopping. I could get my hair done, a massage, a facial, and any waxing done at one time. I grew to know Linda, my stylist, pretty well. I valued the relationship I had there and was anxious to find a similar situation once we moved to Portland.

Unfortunately it took 7 months before I found a stylist who listened and could shape my hair the way I wanted. After 2 other failed attempts, I landed at Fancy! Salon in PDX. Sylvia was amazing and has awesome tattoos. It was hip and totally casual. I could bike there!  I never did find a good place for a facial/eyebrow wax. (And it showed. Yuck!)

And then we moved again. Doh! Moving to Kent meant we were now living in the suburbs. Now, I’m not much of a city girl, but I do appreciate the talent typically found in city limits. For this search I went to Facebook and looked at who the City of Kent ‘liked’ on their page.

That is how I found Lemon Drop Skin Care and Massage.


I have been to Lemon Drop four times since the beginning of August. I have had facials and my eyebrows done. Last month I had a very light glycolic peel. I have yet to be disappointed. I do need to get a job so I can pay for these appointments though! I feel like a mooch sometimes. However I usually forget that during the neck and back massage portion of the facials. Just last Friday I went for a pre-wedding facial and eyebrow wax. Macey (the owner and my aesthetician) quickly found the knots in my back and had me dozing off at the end. I hadn’t felt that comfortable and relaxed in a very long time.

Ahh… relax

Maybe it is a bit indulgent, but I get so much out of these appointments it has to be worth it! Do you treat yourself occasionally? Which treatments are your favorites?


One response to “I’m worth it, right?

  1. I’ve never. It sounds divine! Good for you. 🙂

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