Decorating for Thanksgiving – pennant banner

We are hosting Thanksgiving this year in our new house. I’m so excited! My parents and my brother-in-law are coming (plus 3 dogs), and possibly my sister if she doesn’t have to work. We have already started planning the menu and now I am working on decorating. I new I wanted a fun craft project so I logged onto Pinterest and found a really cute (and free!) pennant banner printable. Then I made it my own!

Here is the link for the free printable from Very Merry Vintage Style. There are three different words you can make. I chose “Gather” because I like the feeling of gathering the family together and that is just what we are hoping to do!

I printed out the banner pages. I was worried they would use up all of my ink, but they really didn’t.

Here are all of the tools I used:

Pennant making materials

I used the paper slicer to cut out the triangles. It made cutting straight lines so easy. Next I used orange card stock from that Super Value Pack and glued one triangle to each square of card stock. Again I used the slicer to trim the edges.

At this point I realized I don’t own a regular hole punch. How it that possible? I had to use my old-school notebook paper hole punch. From high school. Good thing I don’t trow things away!

Hokey hole punch

Hole reinforcements went on the back sides of the triangles, just in case.

Terrible photo but you get the point.

I used a really pretty sparkly silver ribbon to string the triangles together. I left a long end on each side for easy hanging and pretty drape. Here is the final product. I’m quite pleased!

Hanging in our bay window.

Close up. 🙂

What Thanksgiving projects are you looking forward to?


2 responses to “Decorating for Thanksgiving – pennant banner

  1. This turned out really great, Lacey. No projects here. My husband and I are making dinner and taking it to my mother. It will be a quiet, but nice, Thanksgiving. I wish we had extra dogs that could come to dinner! 🙂

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