Holiday prep nonsense

First some Foodie Penpals news: the delightful package I put together went from Seattle to Ohio in two days! How is that possible? A giant THANK YOU to the US Postal Service. I used the flat rate Priority Mail and it was easy as pie.

Speaking of pie, it is squash day in our house. I have a small butternut in the slow cooker getting all fluffy and delicious and a sugar pie pumpkin in the oven. The Mr. has requested real live made-from-scratch pumpkin pie. We have three of these tiny pumpkins, so my plan is to cook them all, make bags full of pumpkin puree, and then use it all winter.

Speaking of all winter (and redundant segues), I popped into my most favorite farm stand, Carpinito’s, yesterday. While shopping I noticed that it was looking a little sparse but assumed they were just making room for Christmas trees. Then I realized that it was absolutely freezing and wondered if they would close down the roll-up doors in the winter time to keep the produce from…..breaking. When I inquired at checkout about their winter hours I was informed that the close for a month and a half after Xmas and don’t have produce until May! Gasp! Horrors! I almost whined and asked where I was supposed to buy produce but remembered myself and slunk away in a pout. I LOVE going there. I love it because most of the produce is grown in Washington and much of it down the road! It really can’t be more fresh. And it lasts forever. My immediate reaction was to text the Mr. and ask him to build me a make-shift cellar so I can buy a hundred $1 squashes and use them all winter and spring. We need our beta carotene!

Is this too much?

I really think he would enjoy building something for me. 🙂 One can dream, right?

My last story: I sat down here to plan out my Thanksgiving prep. I love lists! Unfortunately my brain is easily distracted by shiny things like the WP Reader, Facebook  and Pinterest. And so I’ve wasted an hour and written about it and haven’t accomplished anything! Hooray!


2 responses to “Holiday prep nonsense

  1. I feel so much better knowing the shiny things distract you, too! 😉

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