A perfect holiday shopping storm

Quite literally! Yesterday was …………… ridiculous. My plan for the day was to get my grocery shopping done for Thanksgiving. While I succeeded, it didn’t come easily.

In all, I went to bed last night feeling great (albeit exhausted) and like it had been a really productive day. My day started with my 9:15am spin class. I just started going to this class last week but I already love it. Have you tried spinning? If you enjoy bike riding in any sense of seriousness, you might enjoy this class. I loved being able to bike everywhere in Portland. Unfortunately Kent isn’t so bike-friendly. Downtown, sure. But we are up on top of a steep hill, in a more rural area. Most of the streets are just two lane roads with no shoulder. Sort of dangerous. So I haven’t been on my bike much. 😦

Last week something clicked in my brain saying I should check out a spin class. I  had read a little about it in a book months ago. My brain is weird sometimes. Long story short I found a fun karate gym that also does spinning and has a weight room. It was $10 to drop in and check it out. When I left I paid the rest of the monthly dues and joined. I love it! Not only is it a great workout but the people are fun and I feel like I’ve accomplished something when I’m done. Having a group to work out with (and secretly compete with!) is true motivation.

Not me…. but probably how I look.

After an hour of crazy cardio and leg-wobbling surges I was ready to shower and get a move on! Sunday night resulted in three hours of recipe compiling and list making. I did end up with a really pretty spreadsheet (with a dark purple border) arranged by store that I was likely to find the item. I have all of my produce on one list for the farm stand. The second list was for Trader Joe’s and Safeway. The third list was for PCC Market, the only place I’ve been able to find the Dandies vegan marshmallows. (Try them. They are so much better than pig-hoof marshmallows.)

I finally left the house at noon after a quick bite and a super-scary wind storm. You know that sound the earth makes before an earthquake? Yea, it made that noise. And like an idiot I ran to the biggest window I could find before realizing the windows might shatter. Obviously it is quite stormy here! This only added to the already chaotic feeling of trying to hit 4 grocery stores in one afternoon.

I drove to Issaquah as that is where I could find all of my stores in one place. PCC Market was my first stop. Madhouse. Parking lot was jammed, store was jammed. Thankfully I wasn’t accosted this time with the people trying to get me to sign some petition.

Head to Trader Joe’s. Remember this location just shut down. Have no idea where they are. Wonderful. Cross I-90 and find their new location in a tiny strip mall with zero parking. Fabulous. Rain starts to POUR. The only parking spot I can find is about a half mile away. Hooray! Realize I don’t have a hood. Perfect!

TJ’s was a magnificent disaster. I lost count of the people I ran into or who ran into me. Thankfully my list kept me on track and the lines went quickly. Miracle!

Cross the street to Safeway. Accosted by petitioner.  Shopping takes FOREVER because I can’t find two key ingredients and can’t find anyone to ask. Why does that always happen?

Four hours later I trudge home, exhausted and weary. I did manage to put the fridge stuff away before collapsing on the couch for two hours. Griffey helped by being my blanket. He’s good at that.

Today I am not leaving the house. No! It’s all about cleaning and projects today. Wreath making here I come!


2 responses to “A perfect holiday shopping storm

  1. Boy are you a ball of fire these days! 🙂 Now spin class! Good for you. How cute that Griffey likes to be a blanket. You accomplished a lot. Hope the crafts are going well, too.

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