Winding down from Thanksgiving

My parents have gone home, early, because the dogs were being a menace. The boys are out in the street throwing around a football. I’m in the office catching up on the internet.

This was a very fun Thanksgiving. I cooked for two days straight and all but the pumpkin pie and turkey were vegan. Yay! I’ll share recipes later but let me just toot my own horn for a second and say it was all delicious. 🙂 Toot was also a word I spelled out during a round of Scrabble last night. Yay me!

On Wednesday I baked two loaves of the breakfast-y banana bread and two pies, and made cranberry sauce. One was the traditional pumpkin and the other was blueberry-pear. I bought vegan crusts from PCC Market and made the fillings from scratch. I managed not to take a photo of either pie. OMG I suck. I only tried the blueberry pear pie, and speaking as someone who doesn’t like pie, this was quite tasty. I can’t handle cooked fruit (don’t ask me why, I have no idea) but it was pretty good. I only managed a few bites before I had to put it away from me. Wishing I liked pie so I could enjoy it! Blegh. 😀  I also prepped some of the veggies for the big show.

On Thursday I got up at 7am to get a jump on the cooking and festivities. The Mr. drove down to Chehalis to pick up his brother who had driven all night from the Bay Area and was exhausted. My parents and pups left their house near Corvallis at 8am.

Playing hostess, I put together a yummy appetizer spread for their arrival. We always eat Thanksgiving dinner around 2 or 3pm so we needed noshes.

Included were non-vegan items such as cheez-whiz stuffed celery and a cheese ball, but the rest was veg! We had chocolate-dipped apricots, olives, Snapeas, nuts, and seaweed snacks. There you see Griffey watching out the back door for our guests.

Meanwhile, I was watching the Macy*s Thanksgiving Parade and chopping sweet potatoes, white potatoes, rutabegas, green beans, tons of stuff. I tried to make everything by hand. No canned yams for us! I made a vegan green bean casserole that was superb. And the stuffing. Oh dear geez. I really could have eaten that for the rest of my life. But I ate the last of it for dinner tonight.

Here is a glimpse at our spread:

Thanksgiving spread

That is most of it. The candied yams and stuffing were on the kitchen counter because our table is tiny. There is a turkey breast and drumsticks on the table. I cooked those because I love my family and while I choose veganism, they don’t. I respect everyone’s decision and while it grossed me out to touch all of that, I didn’t want to hear about it if there hadn’t been turkey on the table. Really it was fairly simple. The turkey breast was in a steam bag already and the drumsticks I just plopped in the pan. Everyone said it was good. Hope so!

*The dogs were outside because they are all tall enough to put their faces on the table. Crisis averted.*

After we stuffed ourselves we watched a ton of football (who didn’t?) and played Scrabble. I suck at Scrabble but I beat my mom! (On a technicality.) Ha! I hope everyone is enjoying this long weekend and can now relax, unwind, and start decorating for Christmas!

Santa Maggie


2 responses to “Winding down from Thanksgiving

  1. Sounds fabulous! Yum! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day, yay for the vegan foods!!

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