Holiday hosting prep

How I prepared to  host Thanksgiving for the second time in my life.

Sunday evening, November 18, 2012

I sat down at the computer in the office armed with a blank Excel spreadsheet and a scribbled notepad full of ideas.

I commenced pouring through recipes on Pinterest and Googling specific dishes. I copied pages out of The Kind Diet  and printed out recipes. Then I set about compiling a mass shopping list. This is what I ended up with:

Master List

With all the craziness, this list completely made my week. When I went to three grocery stores on Monday, this list went with me. It got soaked in the rain, dropped on its head, ruffled by wind. But man alive, was it helpful. The stores were in a complete state of chaos but I was able to wander up and down the aisles, oblivious in my list-enabled state. Veganaise, check. Apricots, check. And sticking to the list ensured that I didn’t overspend on frivolous things. Bonus check! I will spare you the sight of what this list looks like now (i.e. giant scribbled mess). This took 3 hours of my Sunday night and it was worth so much more. It definitely helped me feel in control and managed. Besides, who doesn’t love a good list and this was a Master List!


2 responses to “Holiday hosting prep

  1. I love lists! Sounds like your plans worked well. Is it time for Christmas dinner yet?? 😉

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