Flat Stanley is coming to visit!

The other night a good friend of mine in California wrote to me on his daughter’s behalf, asking if I would host Flat Stanley for her. Whatever that was, the answer was yes. Then I looked it up and now I am so excited!

He’s coming to visit!

If you haven’t heard about Flat Stanley, definitely look him up. You can go to and read all about it. Or pop over to their Facebook page here. This project is based on a series of books by Jeff Brown. The first book is about a boy named Stanley who is flattened by a bulletin board and discovers he can visit friends by being sent through the mail. The project seems to be a literacy and learning program, which is fantastic, and I am so excited to participate.

My understanding is that Flat Stanley is being mailed to my house (he is a paper cutout doll) and I get to take him on a tour of the Seattle area, documenting his journey with photos, which go back to the classroom. I have been making a list of all the cool spots that I can show him. The Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Mt. Rainier,  the Olympics, Gas Works Park. I might need to make him a scarf to be outside so much! If he arrives in time for First Thursday I’ll take him to the Seattle Art Museum! Can you tell I’m excited?

Mt. Rainier from I5 South in Seattle. Taken 11.26.12.

Have you hosted Flat Stanley? I would love more ideas.


One response to “Flat Stanley is coming to visit!

  1. What a wonderful idea, and how nice you said yes! I hope you’ll do a blog post! 🙂 I love Flat Stanley. I’ve been selling used children’s books for many years, and Flat Stanley used to bring very high prices on the used book market. Now the books are reprinted for lots of children to enjoy again.

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