Foodie PenPals – November 2012 reveal day! #FoodiePenPals

This was my first Foodie PenPals and it was so exciting! I was eager to put together a box-o-fun for my penpal and to see what I would receive. There is so much thought put into this project, I love it. After intro emails it seemed we were all on the same page. I explained to my giftor that I am vegan. My giftee is also vegan, which made it easy for me! I really hope it was easy for my giftor.

Oddly, both of my penpals live in Ohio. Coincidence!

My awesome box-o-fun arrived last week from Anne of Candy Crazed Run.

When I opened the giant box I was greeted with a handwritten note.

So sweet! Anne had put together a warm and fuzzy breakfast package for me complete with multi-grain cereal, fig butter, cinnamon sticks, honey, and pumpkin. This is so considerate since we are freezing our behinds off up here!

Perfect winter breakfast.

Thank you again Anne, for all of your thoughtfulness and consideration. It is truly appreciated! And yummy!

My package went to Kristen, a non-blogger, who wrote and let me know when she received the box and that she was thrilled. Like a dope I didn’t take any photos of what I sent but I do remember my theme was “local” and everything I sent was made on the West Coast, all from towns I’ve lived in!

Next month is Foodie PenPals for charity which is a great idea. I am anxious to get to January though, so I can think of new items to send. It sounds like most everyone had a pleasant experience. Let’s keep it going!


4 responses to “Foodie PenPals – November 2012 reveal day! #FoodiePenPals

  1. I’ve never seen or heard of Fig Butter, but I definitely want to try it now. Have you had it before? If you’ve opened the jar, did you like it? Really great package!

  2. Fig butter? I am intrigued…

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