Charity and laziness – a good combination!

Happy December from Seattle everyone! We started our morning off right, with veggie pigs in a blanket and fruit for breakfast and now I’m enjoying my very own chai latte.



Yesterday I needed a break. James and Griffey went hiking and I laid on the couch watching Christmas movies (Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas) until they came home. Lazy and loving it! From our wedding to Thanksgiving, November was intense and required a few days to recover.

Last night was the Kent Winterfest parade and tree lighting. We drove down the hill and parked at Kent Station early. The parade was scheduled to start at 4:30pm but it was running a few minutes behind. We grabbed some chai at Dilettante and walked through Kent Station toward the library and town square. Standing on the corner opposite the library we had a great view of the floats, high school bands, Girl Scouts, and Santa who arrived in a fire truck! Oh and there were Christmas Llamas!

Soul mates.

Soul mates.

The kid holding the lead said I should take it. Then the poor llama tried to run away. 🙂 It was great!

We didn’t get any good photos of the tree because the lighting ceremony was done to music and involved all of the other trees in the park. It was actually pretty fun and they closed with a fireworks display! Super treat.

While we were making our way back to the car, we stopped off at the Giving Tree in front of the movie theater. This tree is in support of Children’s Therapy Center and we are happy to help. Our family has decided not to do presents this year but we can definitely swing a gift for a kid in therapy.

Giving Tree - Children's Therapy Center

Giving Tree – Children’s Therapy Center

We chose a tag for a child over 6 years old. Now to find the perfect game or book! I was really happy to find this tree as most Giving Trees are run by the Salvation Army and I refuse to support them. So I am excited to have found this tree and hope others will help make this Christmas a special one for kids in need. What do kids 6 years and up like? I have no idea!

Now I’m sitting in the office/craft room procrastinating organizing this mess. It got out of control!

For shame.... :)

For shame…. 🙂

I need to build a seating area and shelves. Am I that handy? Let’s find out!

What is everyone up to today? Hope you are all relaxing, unlike Mr. James who is watching the Seahawks. There are many expletives flying around the living room right now! Go ‘Hawks!


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