We’ve been Elf-ed! (A new holiday tradition)

Last night I walked into the kitchen to find a snack.

I was stopped dead in my tracks by this in the window:

Why hello there Mr. Balloon!

Why hello there Mr. Balloon!

At first I had a heart attack. 🙂 It was dark out and the balloon was swaying and I momentarily freaked. So good! Mr. James was summoned (read: I insisted he come into the kitchen to help me with the stalker) and he went outside to check it out. We discovered that Mr. Balloon was attached to a gift bag resting peacefully in our yard! Hooray!



Our super sneaky Elf (or Elves?!) brought us peanut butter sandwich cookies, chocolate alphabet cookies, Justin’s peanut butter cups, and two super cute snowflake ornaments.

The goods.

The goods.

Somehow those sneaky little guys (or gals!) must have known I’m vegan because everything they brought is veg-friendly! Santa really does know everything!

Thank you Elves!

With the goodies we found a card explaining that we had been Elf-ed and how to carry on the holiday cheer.

Top.BMPWhat a great idea! Did you know about this fun project? I didn’t but I do love things like this so I am very excited. I posted one sign on our front door so our neighbors know the elves have been here already. Now it is my turn to take the holiday spirit to two different neighbors.


If you would like to bring this tradition to your neighborhood check out Organized Home for all the details and printables. Happy Elving!


2 responses to “We’ve been Elf-ed! (A new holiday tradition)

  1. How fun. I want to be elfed!!

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