Quick Christmas Craft – key ornament

When we packed up the apartment in Portland I found our old Oakland house keys. Oops! Probably should have left them for the new owner. My bad. 😉

I immediately thought of using them to make a “remembrance” type Christmas tree ornament. Quickly, I spray painted them bright red and sealed them in an envelope tucked into my “Craft room” box.

The other day as I was attempting to clean up our craft room I found the envelope!

Here is what I put together in about 5 minutes:


Cute, right?

Here is how to create your own key keepsake –

– Cut a small slip of paper (I used green card stock) and write out your old address and the dates you lived there

– Punch a hole in the card stock

– Thread heavy twine or jute through the key(s) and slip of paper

– Tie a knot in the twine, leaving enough of a loop to place on a tree branch

– Tie a bow around the twine above the keys (I used a scrap of green ribbon and left it as a knot. A bow would be pretty too!)

Easy peasy, right? I am definitely not crafty but I really like how simple this is. If you are actually creative, please feel free to expand on this!


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