Sing along Christmas!

This year I was delighted that the radio stations around here refrained from busting out the holiday music until after Thanksgiving. I recall one year, maybe two or three years ago, in the Bay Area when KOIT started playing Xmas music BEFORE Thanksgiving. Not a day or two before, but, like, weeks. It was horrible and certainly dispelled of any novelty. In our office, we switched stations because we couldn’t bear it.

I don’t listen to Christmas music all year long as I am tempted to do, because I don’t want the specialness to wear off. I know lots of people do listen all year which is great. I just can’t do it. Maybe in July I’ll turn it on for a few songs to tide me over. I actually listened to some Christmas music while I cooked Thanksgiving dinner! Still not tired of it. 🙂

There are many songs that illicit happy magical feelings when I hear them but there are just two songs that I truly look forward to hearing every year.

The first is Last Christmas by Wham! Why? I have no idea. It’s depressing and sad! But for some reason, it gets to me.

I could seriously listen to George Michael all day. So good. So hot. *swoon*

The second song is Christmas Canon by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Pretty much any song of theirs is great but this one is super special. It is basically Pachelbel’s Canon in D but all Christmasified. Side note: in Middle School band we played a version of Pachelbel’s Canon. I’m sure it was resounding.

Just close your eyes and let it melt all over you. Mmm… peace. Love. Joy. Happiness. This song really encompasses Christmas magic for me. Do you love it?

What are your most favorite holiday tunes?


Bonus – While YouTubing this afternoon I found this gem:

Question: How does one do that to their own house? I want in!


2 responses to “Sing along Christmas!

  1. I am definitely on the George Michael love wagon. Not a Christmas song, but his version of an old standard, Where or When, is one of my all-time favorite songs. And I do love Last Christmas. Nice choices in music tonight. 🙂

  2. That WHAM! song is by far my all time favorite Christmas song. I even made a small dance to it while I was in HS. HAHA! I lovee this time of year!

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