Menu planning: A new (to me) technique.

Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of having a weekly menu board where I can plan out what I’ll make for dinner. I figured this would help me in two ways:

1. Alleviate some of the stress of cooking by having it pre-arranged and agreed upon by all.

2. Define my weekly grocery shopping list to the necessities.

I have a binder going in the kitchen of all the recipes I print out from the internets and use, as well as those dishes I just make up in my noggin and somehow turn out edible. It has become a valuable tool in my kitchen but I wanted to take it a step further and make cooking more efficient. I really don’t care for cooking so anything I can do to help myself, I appreciate!

Using an old dry-erase board stuck to the side of the fridge I finally got around to writing out a rudimentary meal plan for this week.

It's not pretty but it works!

It’s not pretty but it works!

Monday is my regular shopping day but this week it was pushed to Tuesday due to a necessary visit from a plumber Monday afternoon. Thankfully I had already planned on leftovers from Sunday so I was set!

Making my shopping list was a breeze. Looking at what we would have versus what we already had in the fridge and pantry, I came up with a concise list that I actually stuck to and saved money!

I hope to stick with this concept and trick out my menu board so it looks a little less shabby. For now though, it’s a really great idea that I completely recommend.

Now, off to make homemade vegan bagel dogs!


3 responses to “Menu planning: A new (to me) technique.

  1. Good idea! May be more mindful about listing healthy meals (that would help me).

  2. Bradlee Millard

    If you can keep this up after the baby you will be rockin! I really, really want to do this for ourselves, I just haven’t figured out how to squeeze it in yet. It would be so much easier for lunches etc!

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