Vegan meal planning – June 31 – July 6

Sticking with meal planning has been fun and oh-so-helpful. Here is this week’s menu:


Grocery shopping is much less stressful when you know exactly what you need. I’ve always just headed to the store without a plan and wandered aimlessly, picking up the same items week after week. This lead to making the same dishes every week and we were bored! Planning it out on Sunday morning, James and I both get to choose meals we have a craving for so it is much more equitable. Cooking stresses me out and not having to be creative every night makes it much more enjoyable. Have you tried meal planning? Has it helped you?

garden 6.31.13

After a very slow start, our garden is really growing now. It is pretty fun to be able to walk outside on a whim, cut a zucchini, peas, and some herbs, and have a meal at the ready! Our little zucchini are so tasty. I look forward to a bounty later in the season and lots of zucchini muffins.

With the heat wave we are having, our green beans are finally starting to take off. They didn’t care for the cool cloudy weather. But hey, it’s Seattle!

My roses are flowering like crazy as well. When we bought this house a year ago, someone had come through and hacked them to pieces. I was afraid they wouldn’t last the winter. I checked a book out from the library on rose care and pruning in February and on the first sunny day that month I walked outside to clean them up. I spent all day in the sun pruning, trimming, and grooming our 16 rose bushes. They were pretty puny afterward because I had had to remove so much dead wood, but they came back full-swing and are growing strong now! I am quite proud. 🙂

roses 6.30.13


One response to “Vegan meal planning – June 31 – July 6

  1. The garden area looks great and these roses are so beautiful. Good job! Your story on meal planning makes so much sense. I think we might try it too, for the very same reasons. The spot you guys chose for your garden is perfect. Dad

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