Use it or lose it! (Skipping a week of grocery shopping.)

Once every 1-2 months I decide to skip a week of grocery shopping. This is that week. Yay! I’m so exhausted, I just plain didn’t feel like going shopping and then looked around the kitchen and saw that I really didn’t need to.

Between the fresh food growing in the garden and what I have in stock in the pantry/fridge, we should be set for at least a week.


The fun part is being creative in our meal planning. The goal will be to use up all the leftovers and perishables that I can.

Breakfast should be easy. Last week I made and froze a huge batch of waffles. We have cereal, toast, eggs (for James), and fruit and beans. Beans on toast is one of our absolute favorite breakfasts and I’ll typically make it at least once per week. Lately I’ve been making it more often for extra baby-growing protein!

Lunch will be fine too. I pack James’ lunch box every morning and we have plenty of bread (including a frozen loaf) and sandwich fixings. It is a good opportunity to use up the cans of tuna in the pantry. I just made a big batch of fresh peanut butter today and last week I finished preserving cherries and canning them so PB&J is a definite. I also have leftover snacks from last week’s shopping trip and plenty of nuts and dried and fresh fruit to round it out.

Dinner is where my creativity comes into play. We have tons of food and neither of us cares if we just throw things together and call it a meal. We have a few yummy frozen grain/veg entrees from Trader Joe’s, pasta, tofu, veggie dogs, rolls, veggies from the garden, etc.

Tonight (Monday) we are having vegan meatball sandwiches. I make the meatballs out of beans – which I need to run and do right now! – and bake them until crispy. Then just heat up some marinara and drench the meatballs. Onto rolls and viola! Yumness.

Tuesday I’m thinking tofu and garden veggie stir fry or curry. We have snap peas, two kinds of green beans, and zucchini to eat. I also have some yellow curry paste which I might throw in. Cook up a pot of brown basmati rice and we’re in business.

Wednesday we will probably try to use the leftover rolls and have chili dogs with veggies. I have a can or two of TJ’s veggie chili sitting in the pantry calling my name!

Thursday I’m flying solo because James is headed to Canada for a work thing. Unfortunately for me that will mean cereal for dinner because I hate cooking for just myself. What is the point? Plus I have a parenting education class that night so I’ll be busy.

Friday might call for sopes or tacos. I know I have pinto beans I can cook in the slow cooker and tortillas and masa. We have lettuce growing in the garden and vegan sour cream in the fridge. I adore sopes. They are one of my favorite things to shovel into my face.

I enjoy the challenge (and cost savings) of using what we already have. I always buy canned goods when they are on sale for just this sort of occasion. Do you ever try to go without shopping? How do you fair? I have a good feeling for this week. We’ll see!


One response to “Use it or lose it! (Skipping a week of grocery shopping.)

  1. Homemade peanut butter?!?! Oh my I need to learn how to do that! That is making my mouth water!

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