Vegan meal planning – July 22-27

Meal planning is going great! Here is this week’s menu:

Menu July 22


The tofu salad we’re having tonight comes from Lunch Box Bunch. I made this for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it was SO GOOD! Today I’m going to try frying or baking the tofu first and adding a ton of dill from the garden. Yum!

This morning I was inspired (and had a tiny bit of energy!) to do some gardening. I attacked the weeds growing in my rose beds before it got too hot outside. But let me tell you, it may have been 8:30am, but I was warm! Happily, the roses seem to appreciate the effort and a bunch of water.

On the side of the house we have a wall of green beans and two pumpkin vines going. Here is the baby’s first Jack-o-Lantern growing quickly, just like her!

Pumpkin 7.23.13


3 responses to “Vegan meal planning – July 22-27

  1. AHH baby pumpkin!! SO exciting!! I love meal planning, I really need to get back into it!


    Good article Lacey. Are you going to bring some veggies from your garden with you? Dad

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