(Finally) Rooting with the home team!

One of the reasons we love living in Seattle now is the proximity to our favorite MLB team – the Seattle Mariners.  James has been a fan since birth (having been born in WA state) and I randomly chose them in my tween years. Technically I should be an A’s fan being from the Bay Area, but at least I didn’t choose some bandwagon team! Living in Oakland for so long, we were always rooting for the away team. And while the M’s usually made a good showing of fans at A’s games, there is nothing like cheering on your team on your home field surrounded by 20,ooo other like-minded fans.

It also happens that James’ office is about a mile from Safeco Field. Woot! We don’t go nearly as often as we would like but it is so great to be able to spontaneously decide to head to a game whenever we want. I just head to his office and we drive over to the side streets and park. Easy!

Just this past Tuesday we decided to take in that evening’s game. Safeco Field has great automated ticket kiosks along the outer walls so you don’t have to wait in line or pay a “convenience” fee at home. I also love The Safe for its food options. All the time we lived in the Bay Area and went to games regularly at the Coliseum, all I ever got, if I was lucky, was a veggie dog.  And on several occasions, I wasn’t 100% convinced it actually was a veggie dog. At Safeco I don’t worry. In fact, I’m so excited/delighted/elated by my many options that I usually waffle on my decision until I am forced!

The many vegan options include a dedicated Field Roast stand with several options, The Natural – a burger/hot dog/ hummus stand, and Bao-Choi steamed buns filled with either Portobello mushrooms or eggplant and delicious sauces.

Vegan steamed buns

This last trip I decided I wanted Field Roast. I ended up with that day’s special – a chili cheese dog! All vegan! So much happiness. The chili was excellent with chickpeas and kidney beans and veggies. The creamy cheese sauce was the perfect topping. I opted out of a pile of onions on top in the interest of avoiding pregnant lady heartburn.  Of course I ate it before I could take a picture but trust me, it was fantastic! I had to eat it with a fork! Yum. Now I want another one.

After stuffing our faces we took a walk around the main concourse. I wanted to see if we could sit with the statue of Dave Niehaus. Normally there is a line but that evening no one was around when we walked up!

Another great evening at Safeco Field made especially fun by a Mariners win! We definitely need to head back before the baby comes. After she is here we’ll take her to fanfest and then her first game! Can’t wait. She already has a ton of M’s gear so she will be all decked out.

Let’s Go Mariners!!!


2 responses to “(Finally) Rooting with the home team!

  1. Hee Hee, when is fan fest?

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