Vegan meal planning – August 5-9

A couple of days late but here is my menu for the week. So far we are right on track and loving it!

Menu 8.5-8.9

Yesterday I made bread for the first time in a few months. It has been too hot to bake much but I sucked it up and went for it yesterday and it turned out deliciously!

A while ago I found a yummy looking recipe for rosemary olive oil bread. Find the recipe here or over at A Hint of Honey. To make this vegan I used olive oil on top instead of egg wash. I cut and chopped fresh rosemary from our garden. I had trouble getting it to rise correctly so we ended up with more of a flat bread than a big round loaf but it was tasty nonetheless.

By special request, tonight we are having roasted veggies. We pulled a bowlful of potatoes and zucchini from the garden over the weekend. I had intended to make mashed potatoes and celery root but James asked if we could roast them instead to see how they taste. I’m all for it! Hopefully it doesn’t get too hot this afternoon!

I realize that we have pasta on the menu twice this week. This is atypical of how we normally eat and will probably avoid pasta for a couple of weeks to make amends. But sometimes a hearty pasta dish just sounds perfect doesn’t it?


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