Couponing victory!

So this is probably pretty silly but I was so shocked and excited that I had to share. In all the time that I’ve been actively couponing and trying to save money at the check stand, I have never had a store (essentially) pay me to take an item.

On Monday I did my weekly shopping trip. Because of its proximity to the other errands I had to run, I ended up at Safeway. I had a short list of items to grab and while making my way through the aisles I was going through all of my coupons. I found an awesome BOGO coupon for Head and Shoulders shampoo with a value of up to $6.99. It was set to expire soon so I turned down the shampoo row to see how much they were. I was pleased to find the bottles on sale for $5.49 each! I grabbed two and headed to the check out.

Once the groceries were loaded into the trunk of my car I scanned the receipt and found this:

recieptWoot! Yes, I know it is only 50 cents, but like I said, I had never had a negative amount on an item before. So I’m slightly thrilled with myself. Baby steps!



2 responses to “Couponing victory!

  1. Such a good feeling!

  2. Yay! those little victories make the couponing work so much more rewarding!

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